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Our teenage program forms a major part of the school. Teenagers are introduced to the techniques of acting used at major full time drama schools, adapted for their age and experience.

Drama classes give teenagers the edge in many areas of life – now and in the future.


Subjects include:

  • Improvisation. Coming up with your own ideas on the spot. As well as extending the imagination, this is a valuable tool for later life – for interviews, ideas, presentations and so on.
  • Voice: Creating clearer and more confident speech.
  • Character work: Teenagers create their own characters through a range of methods.
  • Movement: Not dance as such but movement that expresses various emotions, situations, characters and so on.
  • Performance: This is the core of the teenage class. The subjects taught are used as part of the rehearsal process.

These ‘subjects’ are not taught in isolation, but are applied and taught as the basis for the rehearsals that lead to the performance.

Class description

This class begins to look at the actual craft of acting. Students engage in improvisation and script work. Scripts range from classical to contemporary, with an emphasis on scripts by or for young people in Australia. Issue based plays relating to teenage years are explored and students are taught the art of Improvisation – thinking on their feet and coming up with their own ideas.

Voice Work is encouraged – not as a separate entity but within the realm of the projection of ideas in class. In other words, if a young person mumbles and cannot be understood, we work with the intention of his/her ideas, communication and confidence in order to be understood.

Students begin to learn the actual Technique of Acting; how to create believable Characterisations and spend at lot of time on Script Work. This involves the rehearsal for the performances.

Many of our older senior students are at the stage of wanting to take drama seriously. Students should advise us if they are interested in attending professional auditions / applying for an agent or auditioning for the major full time drama schools when they finish school. This will give us an indication of their class.

Term 2, 2019

Weekly classes resume in Term 2, 2019 on Monday evenings or Thursday evenings. See details below. Book now to secure your place!


KEW (THURSDAY): Preshil, The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School, Blackbox Theatre, Senior Campus 26 Sackville st Kew. VIEW MAP

NORTH FITZROY: Emely Baker Centre, Alfred Crescent, Fitzroy North VIEW MAP


Paul O’Leary (Monday class)

Chris Connelly (Thursday class)

Dates and times

Term 2, 2019

TERM 2, 2019

Monday at North Fitzroy

Monday 29 April – Monday 24 June
(no class on Monday 10 June – public holiday)

Time 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Thursday at Kew

Thursday 2 May – Thursday 27 June

Time 5.15pm – 7.15pm


Term 2, 2019

TERM 1, 2019

Monday at North Fitzroy

$336.00 inc. GST (based on $21ph at 2 hours pw x 8 weeks)

Thursday at Kew

$378 inc GST (based on $21ph at 2 hours pw x 9 weeks)


Online via the Bookings page. When we have received your booking, we will get back to you with payment details.

Terms and conditions

NB: We are able to pro-rata fees for students who are new to the school itself. If a new student commences after the start of the term, a pro-rata fee will be issued. Once fees are paid, there are no refunds regardless of the circumstances. We cannot hold a place in the class without full payment in advance of the term, and spaces are limited.