Previous Performances

Previous performances include:

Harry’s Hotter at twilight

end-of-year performance, 2012 – Primary and Teenage Class

At the end of 2012, the primary school class and the teenage class combined to present a season of Harry’s Hotter At Twilight by Jonathan Dorf. The students took part in eight performances of this hilarious play, where the characters of Twilight and Harry Potter meet.

Harry Hotter at Twilight

My lover is an extraterrestrial

End-of-year performance, 2012 – Adult class

In the first half of 2012, the Adult Class performed a series of scenes about attraction, love, friendship, understandings and misunderstandings – under the heading My Lover is an Extraterrestial.

Directed by Cassandra Magrath.

My Lover Is An Extraterrestrial

Mrs Frankenstein’s Time

Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2011 – Adult class

The Adult Class took part in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011, in a play called Mrs Frankenstein’s Time. The play was a parody of the Frankenstein story, where Dr Frankenstein returns to create the perfect woman. Mrs Frankenstein is given a major role in warning these women and helping to ‘educate’ her rather monstrous husband.

Devised and directed by Michele Williams and Cassandra Magrath.

Mrs Frankenstein’s Time

The Twits

Melbourne International comedy festival, 2011 – Primary class

The Twits by Roald Dahl – followed by a later production of The Witches.

The Twits

The Right Message

Melbourne International comedy festival, 2011 – Teenage class

In 2011, the teenage group took part in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in a play about teenagers and their addiction to technology! The Right Message is about a group of teenagers who face an unusual reality when all the mobile phone towers drop out at once, and they must exist without their mobile phones!

Directed by Lucy Withers.

The Right Messag

Adult class at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011 and other assorted plays

The adult group has performed on many occasions outside of the festivals. In 2011 The Adult Group performed a play called Modern Mayhem in a Time Poor World, a comic look at how time seems to have sped up! This play was part of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Outside of the festivals, adults usually perform in end of year shows where they perform a selection of scenes and monologues to an invited and public audience.

Adult class at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011 and other assorted plays

The Limbo Bar

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010

The Limbo Bar

Divine Dining

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008

Divine Dining Photo

Julian Mulcahy as Jason & Belinda Lack as Sarah
Sanjay Parbat as the bag man/MC

CAST: Maggie Baines, Rebecca Fletcher, Allyson Hunt, Belinda Lack, Nicole McManamny, Andrew McNess, Julian Mulcahy, Rojeur Namour, Sanjay Parbat

Devised and directed by Michele Williams

Summary of Review from Beat Magazine/Buzzcuts

Maggie Baines as Midge in Divine Dining

Maggie Baines as Midge

The subject matter is raw, raunchy and tackles taboo subjects with moments that will leave you squirming in your seat.

The script is bold and fearless and journeys into some dark corners of the human condition… spotted with moments of gold.  The ending will leave you offering a moment of beauty in an ugly world.

The performance shows great potential from a mostly young and energetic cast. Sanjay Parbat is controlled and well paced. Belinda Lack gives an honest and unaffected performance as Sarah and Maggie Baines livens up the stage as the spunky Midge.

Love In the Rain

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2002

As review in the Sunday Age, 28 September 2003

Love in the Rain image

The Melbourne Fringe Festival has begun… Love in The Rain… with input from 16 actors including an Irish backpacker, a black Englishman and a bubble blower who can place a human being in a bubble…

Love in the Rain photo

Love in the Rain photo

Love in the Rain photo

(Photos: Danielle Harrison)

Off The Point

Commissioned by Drama With A Difference,
co-produced with La Mama Theatre

Off The Point

Review: “This is undeniably strong material and the characters have been drawn with sympathy and credibility” – Steven Carroll, Sunday Age

Other performances

From 1993 to 2007 Drama with a Difference students have performed end-of-year shows at Cromwell Road Theatre, South Yarra. Here are some of the many memories:

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