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Show reel


A show reel is a snippet of different scenes of an actor’s work. Professional actors, with film and TV experience, create their show reels by taking the best ‘moments’ of theirs, from a variety of TV episodes, and/or films.


A show reel is used primarily to ascertain the ‘type’ of character an actor can play, and how well. Sometimes, when a film or TV producer has limited time, they may request to see an actor’s show reel, in the event that they cannot audition them in person.

An actor’s agent often uses a show reel to promote an actor to an overseas producer, for a role interstate and/or overseas.

  • Adults: Our next adult Film/TV Showreel course will be offered in 2019. Details will be provided on this website when details are finalised.
  • Teenagers: Our next teenage Film/TV Showreel course will be offered in 2019. Details will be provided on this website when details are finalised.
  • Children: Our next children’s Film/TV Showreel course will be offered in January 2019. See the Children’s Film and TV Showreel Weekend Workshop page for details.


  • We offer a series of classes throughout the year in Film and TV, where each student is given a scene and a monologue that best suits them. They work on these selected scripts with experienced teachers.
  • We have an endless supply of television and TV scripts, and will go to the greatest lengths possible to make sure we help you to choose the right ones.
  • Once you have spent time with your teachers, working on your scenes and/or monologues, we can offer you the name of a company that will edit your scenes and/or monologues into a professional showreel at a very reasonable cost (approximately $250 plus gst). They can then upload it onto the internet via an MP3 format which you can then use as a link to provide for prospective agents and/or casting directors.
  • Good agents tend not to take on people whose work they have not seen, so the advantage of having such a showreel is that you have something to show of your work.
  • We can also assist you with giving you names of possible agents that you can approach for representation (but we cannot guarantee that they will take you onto their books as this is entirely up to them).
  • Regardless of whether or not your showreel results in obtaining a professional agent, it is a great marketing tool for student films, and other acting opportunities that can lead to more experience.
  • There are some casting people who are also open to using showreel links with actors who do not necessarily have agents, and we can explain this to you (or to parents in the case of teenagers and/or children) at an information session at the conclusion of our course.