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The weekly adult class is about using drama as a form of personal development – a source of fun! People come from all walks of life and for a range of reasons – often forming long-lasting friendships with each other. Reasons include:

  • Social – connecting with new people.
  • Shyness – learning to be more confident.
  • Extravert personalities – do you need a place where it is OK to be extreme? Where your voice is not considered too loud? Where everyone loves a drama queen? Maybe you’ve spent your whole life being “toned down”? This is a place where you can express yourself without that kind of criticism.
  • Begin a new career – many adults transition into more intensive classes at a later stage.
  • Business – imaginative exercises help with the formation of new businesses, ways to improve existing circumstances etc.
  • Personal development.
  • Learning and observing how you come across to others.
  • Stress release – our drama classes are one of the BEST forms of stress release you will ever experience.
  • Making speeches in other areas of life – weddings, 21sts etc.
  • Learning upfront skills for work place presentations.
  • Having FUN.


  • Improvisation: Thinking on your feet, coming up with your own ideas, working as a group.
  • Character development: You will learn the skills that actors use to create real and vivid characterisations. Experience the fun of playing your “other”, ie characters unlike yourself who possess ideas and thoughts that you think are your opposites.
  • Voice work: Use your voice in a more empowered manner.
  • Performance: This is the focus of the class, as you will be able to put into practice the skills you have been taught.

These ‘subjects’ are not taught in isolation, but are applied and taught as the basis for the rehearsals that lead to the performance.

BLOCK 1, 2019

Weekly classes will resume in Block 2, 2019, starting on Thursday 2 May 2019. See details below. Book now to secure your place!


KEW: Blackbox Theatre, Preshil, The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School Senior Campus, 26 Sackville St Kew. VIEW MAP


Chris Connelly

Dates and times

Block 2, 2019

BLOCK 2, 2019 – Adult Recreational Class

Thursday 2 May – Thursday 27 June 2019

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm


Block 2, 2019

Cost $378.00 inc GST (Based on $21 per hour x 2 hours per week over 9 weeks)

Fee is due in full in advance of the start of term.


Online via the Bookings page. When we have received your booking, we will get back to you with payment details.

Terms and conditions

NB: We are able to pro-rata fees for the Adult Weekly Recreational Class for students who are new to the school itself. If a new student commences after the start of the general acting class, a pro-rata fee will be issued. Once fees are paid there are no refunds regardless of the circumstances.