Adult Classes

Philosophy and approach

Adult classes are taught in a safe and nurturing environment where the focus is on “Personal Best”. This means that everyone is encouraged to go for what feels right and comfortable for them, and the environment is strictly non-competitive.

Adults are encouraged to play in ways they may not have done since childhood, when it was OK to use one’s imagination without fear of judgment. In the process of growing up, life restrains the impulse to play and many people lose the capacity to suspend disbelief. In much the same way as a muscle loses or gains strength according to how often it is used, the imagination can be improved through the use of exercises that form a major part of an actor’s training.

People with full imaginations tend to function well in all kinds of fields.

You can train your imagination to function at a much higher level and apply the power of that to all areas of your life.

Adult classes are also intended for those who are thinking about the possibility of acting professionally. The courses provide a valuable introduction and footage of TV and film work which can be used to approach agents.