Adult Intensive/Professional Actor Training Course


Block 2 – Intensive / Performance course leading to a series of shows in The Melbourne Fringe Festival – starts 31 july

Awe Inspiring Scenes

Performance scene

This course will work on a number of monumental, or classic, acting scenes. A play or film script is considered to be a classic once it has been judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. The theme for the Fringe Festival (and name of the show) will be SCENES THAT MATTER. This will be a challenging course where the Stanislavsky technique (also known as “the method”) will be applied to all scenes in the first three – four weeks. This work will then naturally flow into the direction of the scenes in terms of movement and placing of actors on stage.

This course offers a great opportunity to put the skills you learn into practice in front of a live audience in one of Melbourne’s major theatre festivals.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

  • Participants do not necessarily need prior experience, however commitment to the course is essential.
  • It is an ideal opportunity for aspiring actors – Many of our most successful students were first seen in one of our public performances. Although we cannot guarantee that they will attend, it is a great opportunity to invite agents and casting consultants along to see your work and we can provide you with a list of industry people to invite.
  • This course is also open to those who have no intention of becoming actors, and who simply want to gain a greater understanding of the actor’s process, and perform in front of a live audience.
  • Passion and commitment are the major pre-requisites for this course. While we can cope with the odd absence here and there, it is important that participants understand that others are relying on them to perform a piece of theatre in a major Melbourne theatre festival that is open to the public. We enter as a Recreational Adult Drama Class, so you do not need to feel as if you are capable of a professional standard of acting; nevertheless, we aim to create a show that is of a semi-professional standard.
  • You will be given pre-written scenes, and also work on group-devised pieces. These will all revolve around a given theme and you will have ample time to be taught and directed, so that you are ready for the shows!
  • See the Intensive Performance Performance Class page for details.
  • Book online via our Bookings page.