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School Age Classes Testimonials

Adult Classes Testimonials

School Age Classes Testimonials

“Thank you so much, Michele. You were the first person I rang (apart from my mum!) when I found out I had the role in Dirty Deeds. You are in my Oscar speech!”

Kestie Morassi: Star of Wolf Creek. Played Margaret in the Australian feature film Dirty Deeds opposite Toni Collette and Bryan Brown

“I attended Drama with a Difference as a student for some time and then returned to teach. I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences, and highly recommend the course.”

Jane Allsop: played Jo Parrish in Blue Heelers, and won Best New Talent at the 2000 logies

“These classes have given me the necessary confidence and skills to undertake professional work in this industry.”

Cassandra Magrath: Star of Wolf Creek. Played Miranda in Sea Change and Pi in Crash Zone

“Drama Rocks!”

Luke Burrow, Current member of the Camberwell Junior class

“Drama has taught me to bold, brave, and happy and that if I want to I can do anything.”

Alison Le-Tete, teenager who spent seven years at Drama with a Difference

“Drama with a Difference has been providing students of all cultures with excellent drama classes over a number of years”

Charles Slucki, previously Head of Drama at Mount Scopus Memorial College and Sandringham Secondary College

“My child attended these classes for three years. She began as a very shy and withdrawn eight year old. I noticed a marked improvement in her confidence after just a few terms of starting at Drama with a Difference Thank you for giving her the gift of believing in herself.”

Jane Roberts, parent

“Drama has taught me to be bold, brave, happy and, if I want to, I can do anything!”

Alison Lee-Tet: Teenage girl, who attended our classes throughout primary and secondary school

Adult Class Testimonials

“You will relax, laugh and create in ways you haven't experienced since you were a child”

Laura Murphy, lawyer

“I never realised how much creativity I had. These classes have improved my zest for life.”

Amy Borgman, full time home maker

“I learned to trust my “gut” again, something I have not done for a long time. What these people are offering is a very real and tangiable gift for anyone in any profession, trade or life circumstance – anyone who wants to feel alive again.”

Donald Roland, businessperson

“My confidence and self esteem have greatly improved as a result of doing these classes.”

Karen Wells, previous participant

“Michele’s passion and dedication, coupled with her many years of experience make her one of the best teachers this country has to offer. She challenged me to go beyond myself, and inspired me.”

Stephen Pilkington – began in the Recreational Adult Class, transferred after a year to the professional class and has gone on to work in The West End in London with Vanessa Redgrave in Lady Windemere’s fan. Currently studying in the USA and Russia.

“From the very first night with our teacher we went through hours of the unexpected. It continued to intrigue and excite us for the rest of the year. We all found ourselves reaching a level of communication within the group that blew us away. I can thoroughly recommend the course to anyone.”

Robyn Hookes, previous participant

“Well, what can I say? This is better than S––.”

Naomi Martin, Chinese medical practitioner