About Us

Melbourne Drama Class activity

Drama With A Difference is made up of a group of industry professionals who have known and worked with one another over many years. At a time when “selling fame” has become a business in itself, we remain committed to presenting our students with a realistic impression of the industry while continuing to encourage their dreams and aspirations.

We have a genuine list of current and past students who have achieved phenomenal success in the entertainment industry, and for whom Drama With A Difference was their initial launching pad. Many of them return to teach at the school where they offer valuable insights and inspiration.

Our range of classes offers the serious acting student with intensive training, and also caters for those who wish to attend drama classes for recreational purposes. Our mission is to provide inspiring acting classes to people of all ages and levels, whether or not they wish to become actors.

Our theatre space and studio now provide students with real possibilities to act in front of audiences, learn and contribute to all facets of theatre making, and take part in and be seen in the short films we make.

We look forward to meeting you soon.