Drama with a Difference was developed as an alternative young people’s drama school – a place that celebrated individuality and imagination without the pressures of prescribed formulas and outcomes.

Members of staff came from the professions of acting and directing and shared a passion for teaching.

Michele Williams (current Director of the school) joined forces with her agent in the 1990s, in the development of a young actors’ section at one of Melbourne’s leading agencies. The school fast became a centre where young people auditioned for, and often obtained, many roles in the industry.

The school remained committed to its use of drama for the community as a whole – not only for members who wanted to be actors.

Parents and students continually reported that drama classes improved their self esteem, social skills and confidence, and many went on to be successful in other areas where the skills of drama formed a valuable part of their capacity to be innovative and creative thinkers.

As students stayed well beyond their school aged life, it became obvious that the school needed courses for adults as well as school aged students.

Over the past ten years Drama with a Difference has been a place where several ex-students (those who entered the profession as actors, directors and casting directors) have returned to teach as their working lives permit. This gives the school a sense of coherence, history and community.